Global Tools & Industrial Supplies was founded in 1992. It is wholly owned by a Previously Disadvantaged Individual (PDI).  We have recently been awarded BEE Status Level 3 by BEESA.  The company has grown from humble beginnings to a competitive role player in the industry.  Global Tools has a staff of seven employers, and subscribes to the Governments policy of affirmative employment. We are affiliated to SITA, and all other authorities associated with our trade.  Find attached copies. In 2007 we opened offices in the Eastern Cape.


The Company main line of business is machinery and tools.  We are also diversifying into the applied industries associated with our main line of business.  We utilize the local market and also import items for resale to the Automotive Manufacturing industries, large, medium and small industrial workshops, technical educational institutions and Government Departments.  Many items manufactured / stocked by us are locally made and by the Department of Works.  We have both importing and exporting permits registered with the SARS.


Mission Statement


Global Tools offers a comprehensive engineering product mix, comprising of design services and the supply of lathes, presses, milling equipment, welding equipment, garage equipment, power tools, air tools and compressors, hand tools, specialized abrasives, fasteners, engineering tools and specialist precision measuring instruments for any industry. We also supply electrical components for the assembly of control panels and other electrical switchgear. We supply hardware as well.  We also cater for custom design of equipment.

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